The dignity of the child is unalterable

What is the CIDE ?

The CIDE (International Committee for the Dignity of the Child) was founded in 1991 as an association before becoming a Foundation of public utility. The primary goal of the CIDE is to disseminate information concerning violations of children's rights that have not been published for various reasons in the traditional media.

The very first CIDE investigation led to the denunciation of a Swiss travel agency that was organizing trips to Thailand for pedophiles. Today, CIDE continues to conduct investigations and takes concrete action on specific cases of children in danger. We work in a multidisciplinary manner with mainly investigators, lawyers, but also doctors, psychologists and social workers.

The information we wish to disseminate goes to the competent authorities, before being transmitted to the public. Obviously, some very sensitive information cannot be released for security and confidentiality reasons.

To better understand the CIDE in relation to past or current actions we invite you to visit the actions page here.

You can consult and download the statutes of the association (PDF)

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